What are the minimum and maximum group sizes for events?  Each Target lane holds up to 6 people per target.  There can be a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 6 people per target.   

How can I pay?   We only accept credit cards and you must book online.  Walk-ins are based on availability.

How long does it take?   Events are around  1 hour long, depending on how many participants are on a target.

Can I come with friends?    Come in with friends or a date, During Covid all lanes are private.

What should I wear?   Well, come as a lumberjack and wear your plaid!   No, just kidding,  the only requirement is that any one who throws wears close-toed shoes.  

Do you guys provide all the equipment?   Yes, we supply all the materials and equipment including the axes.

Can I bring my own axe?  Not at this time.  We may change this when our leagues are up and running.

Is it safe?  It is completely safe and we make sure everyone is following the rules at all times.   You will have an Axpert assigned to your group to watch, assist, and keep score.

Is there an age limit?   Yes.   18 years of age and older only!   If under 18, please call for additional information

Can Kids come?   Sure, we encourage you to bring anyone along for moral support and to cheer you on if you so desire.   There is no additional cost for spectators.

Can we take pictures or videos?   Yes, snap away!   Post it everywhere!   Share it with everyone!  You will want to share your experience!

Do you have a league?   Not at this time, but we have started a sign up sheet.

Can we bring our own food?   Yes, you can bring food, snacks and beverages. 

Can we book a corporate or large private event?  Absolutely, just call us during our hours of operation and we will give you a quote based on the size of your party.

What are the axe throwing rules?   The rules will be explained to you during the orientation speech prior to your event.   But if you cant wait, check out the web and search NATF axe throwing.  There are also tons of Youtube videos out there.