One day while enjoying a game of golf, you hear screams and chaos. You realize there is a deranged employee attacking random players. You manage to run into the clubhouse where you find yourself locked inside. You must find the name of the deranged employee and the code to get out of the pub.

19th HOLE



Experience Code Red escape rooms  Tombstone Saloon!

You and your friends are locked in a large room and have only an hour to search for and uncover hidden clues and items, while solving unique puzzles. Objects in the room are usually NOT what they seem to be! All in under 1 hour. Can you handle the pressure? You were transported to Tombstone Arizona circa 1883. You are being chased by outlaws. Can you survive the wild Wild West?



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Your Crazy Aunt Helen has finally died.   You must find her will before your greedy family arrives.  This is one of our hardest rooms and we stress, this is a team effort room.


19th hole

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Opening November 2019 

Operation, but in the escape room format. This room is nothing like our other rooms! It is NOT what is appears to be. Get your game face on.